Matt was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1978. For two years, he lived just north of Dublin in the countryside with his parents. When he was two years old, his mum gave birth to twin sisters. About six months following their birth, Matt asked mum if she was the babies’ mummy too. She affirmed this. They all lived for the next six years in Oxford, England.

Matt’s father, Bart, took a job at Bates College when Matt was in third grade. When Matt arrived at his school in Lewiston, Maine, his voice thick with British and all its funny little phrases, his class was studying the American Revolution. For so many children from Lewiston, Matt made dreams of Paul Revere’s ride a reality. The British are Coming! At that moment, Matt was a true movie star—at once a hero for his exotic nature and a villain for all he represented in the origins of American history.

Later, Matt’s family moved to Kennebunk, Maine, where he grew up in a lovely house with a garden in the back. Summers brought him to Fortune’s Rocks Beach. The Weyands had spent generations on the beach, and hold the same spot on the sand there to this day. Each summer he travels down to reconnect with family and friends. He enjoys swimming in the ocean, body surfing, digging sand pits for the little ones, and buying ice cream for his love from the truck that paces the road the other side of the stone wall.

When Matt was 19 years old he moved to Germany for his final year of school. As an exchange student, he lived with a local family but ravaged the countryside with his rambling, hitchhiking ways. Fluent in German and passionate about language, Matt seeks opportunities to dissect the English language and German alike to try to mine the origins of words.

A few years later Matt returned to Europe to live in Germany and travel throughout the region. He hitchhiked, took trains, slept in train stations, and squatted in buildings missing walls. A cold prospect in a German winter, he was diligent and fashioned mirrors to reflect sunlight into the darkest, and warmest, areas of the squat. An innovator by nature, Matt has a fierce sense of self-determination. His maternal grandmother, Eily, always appreciated his true nature as such. Combined with the sheer goodness of his heart, the charm of his smile, and the warmth of his snuggle, Eily was smitten with her grandbaby. The same went for Matt, as he reveres Eily to this day as the warmest soul and the kindest heart. His twin sisters might argue otherwise, shedding light on the degree to which she coveted Matt.

Back in the United States, Matt dabbled in studies for linguistics and radiography. He worked for years as a professional painter and as a carpenter. Known in some circles as “The Back,” Matt was the go-to guy for any difficult or dangerous task. Once, following a blizzard of heavy wet snow, Matt took the helm of the cherry picker on a construction site. Stuck in the mud and pinned under heavy branches, Matt worked the picker free. The cherry picker quickly became a Matt launcher as the trees released, snow flew off, and the picker rose again. Matt was flung high and far and landed on his back. He suffered a broken pelvis and some arterial damage, but was otherwise in decent shape. After spending a month in rehab for his injuries, Matt changed direction.

Some of Matt’s favorite things today are Whiskey the hound dog, orange soda, his nieces and nephews Lyla, Lucy, Dakota, Taylor and Grant, and his dear wife Beth. They live in Portland, Maine, and are trying to figure out how to be homeowners. Matt studies computer technology at Southern Maine Community College, works a few jobs, and is excited to ground himself with a job in his field as soon as possible.