Introduction to Computer Technology

This course was an introduction to the technical aspects of the systems used in the management of information in the 21st century. Topics included microcomputer system hardware, file systems, operating systems, network configuration, topology and security. We also learned about various aspects of the Internet and how to manage and manipulate the myriad types of information accessed those systems. The class was a combination of lecture and hands-on activities.


One of the operating systems we worked with was MS-DOS 6.22. This was very exciting to me because it reacquainted me with the first operating system that I’d ever been introduced to. Back in the early 90′s I taught myself as much as I could about DOS. I would create batch files which helped others to easily navigate to their favorite applications. Here is a batch file I created during this course. It was intended to save me time during practice, but was really more of a fun self-challenge.

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