CMPT 110 – Introduction to Databases

This course provided me an introduction to databases using Microsoft Access 2007 as the interface tool. The curriculum included topics such as creating, querying, and maintaining a database, creating a data access page along with reports, forms and combo boxes, using OLE fields, hyperlinks, and sub forms, and creating an application system using the Switchboard Manager. I was introduced to the processes of planning, creating and implementing a project in a business setting. My final project was a database for my own mock record shop.


Here are some images of the database I created for this class. It is for a store which has music albums for rent. The database gives a customer the ability to see the current inventory, providing information about each album, the songs on each album, whether a certain album is currently available and more. It is also set up for an administrator to make changes (such as adding or deleting records) or to see privileged information about customers and billing. The database is a work in progress, and I am currently working on importing it into MySQL to be able to run it locally here.


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Click here to download the database file


I really enjoyed learning how to work with databases and Microsoft Access. I know there is still much more that I can learn, not only about Access but about databases in general. I consider database management to be an extremely important skill and plan to further my understanding in the future. There are so many instances where I come across spreadsheet (or other) data, instantly appreciating the efficiency, conveniency and power available to me if it were incorporated into a database.