Introduction to Web Programming

One of my favorite courses at SMCC was Introduction to Web Design. I really enjoyed learning how to create actual, functioning web pages and see limitlessness the possibilities of HTML and CSS. As soon as I began to write code I wanted to do more than was expected of me. I found myself scouring the web for explanations and examples of more and more complexity.

Here is an example of a side-project which I have been working on, intermittently, over the past year. Using what I learned in class, utilizing my ever-growing knowledge-base and copying snippets of code, I have been able to create a virtual desktop environment. This projects is still in development and not fully functional yet. Each button on the bottom bar will open a movable, resizable window with the contents of its corresponding directory. The bottom buttons each represent one of my professors during my time in the Computer Technology program at SMCC.

My HTML/Javascript Project


Using shortcode, I am able to tie this Virtual Desktop into this website using iFrames. iFrames allow me to contain all of the work on my school website in an organized and coherent manner. Having the ability to hold these different windows within one webpage, as pictured above, is a great way for me to stay organized. I feel that I have really started to learn what tools work well for me, and how I can utilize my tech skills to bring them into fruition.