CMPT 215 – Microsoft Operating Systems

This course covered the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Microsoft Windows. The operating systems utilized in the course included various current versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Other topics covered included Windows desktop deployment, Windows desktop restrictions, and networking in peer to peer and client server environments. Our class time involved a combination of lecture and hands-on practice.


Here is a slideshow presentation that I created for he class. It gives step by step instructions for installing and configuring a Windows XP virtual machine using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I wanted the audience to have a realistic visual representation of the process so I tailored screenshots of each step. I also added large, heavy type underneath each image, giving the viewer a written explanation of the process. Along with the visual presentation, I talked to the audience directly and explained the subject in further detail in my own words.


Presenting to an audience can often seem like a daunting task, especially when the subject is one which is quite new to the presenter. I have learned that the process becomes a little easier after each new topic I present. The research, attention to detail and effort involved in the creation of a presentation brings me much closer to the subject and gives me a more thorough understanding of the topic. Being prepared for a presentation requires a certain level of accountability, subject-saturation and familiarity with possible tangential topic discussions. The opportunity to intertwine various other media within the creative process helps me to give life to the subject matter which, in this case, can often seem quite drab. I expect that I will be asked to make more presentations throughout my career, and I appreciate the exposure I have received in this academic program.