This course was an introduction to Java Programming. The topics included creating a Java applications and applets, manipulating data using methods, decision making and repetition with reusable objects, arrays, loops, and layout managers using external classes, creating menus and button arrays using the abstract windows toolkit, swing interfaces with sorting and searching, and writing data to a sequential data file.

Here is a Java application that I worked on during this course. The task was to build a program which functioned as a working Tic-Tac-Toe game and which had a menu with multiple options and a window declaring the winner. I decided to add sounds corresponding to each of the nine playable buttons. This took a lot of trial, error and experimentation and I learned many useful tools while doing all the research. I very much enjoyed the whole process and this course soon became one of my favorites. I definitely became much more confident in my own problem-solving abilities by the end of the semester.


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I really enjoy making small programs like these. They are tangible and achievable, and are contained in and of themselves. I knew nothing of object oriented programming before this class and I grateful to have a foundation in it from which to grow on.  By working on a definitive project, I was actually more able to push myself into new territory. Adding sound went above and beyond the assignment, and is an aspect that enhances the project greatly.